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Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse sites across the Google Display Network. It’s a simple way to connect to your users based on their past interactions with you. It works very well for all kinds of advertisers, whether you goal is to boost brand awareness or to drive traffic and sales. It helps advertisers to get higher returns by reaching users who are likely to be highly receptive to their ads and special offers.

At Convert or Die, we use various segmentation strategies to show the right remarketing ads at the right time to the right audience. These segmentation strategies are based on user behavior, different sections of your website, different steps of the purchase funnel, etc. We make every possible effort to show relevant and useful ads to users so that they come back to your website and convert.

Our remarketing services include:

1.       Strategic planning

2.       Targeted remarketing list creation

3.       Campaign and ad group development

4.       Display ads production (at additional cost)

5.       Monthly reporting

Maximize your Sales and ROI to the Extreme

Our experienced and knowledgeable display marketing managers will work with you to develop customized solutions focusing on your goals and objectives ensuring maximized results and return-on-investment. At Convert or Die, we not only work on give you the results you want we work to maximize your results to the extreme. We work to exceed your goals not just to meet your goals.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you will value our services and prices that we offer a risk-free guarantee:

If our efforts don’t provide a return on investment for a new customer in the first 30 days, we are happy to refund all fees paid to Convert or Die. Unfortunately, we cannot refund fees for paid traffic. If you request a refund, we will return your accounts to their original states, and you will get your money back—no questions asked.

No Long Term Contract

We also don’t shackle you to us; we promise only what we can deliver, but are so confident of our ongoing ability to produce results we don’t feel the need for the legal handcuffs many agencies require.

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