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Affiliate Marketing Management

Affiliate marketing is a key customer acquisition technique. The US affiliate marketing industry is growing at a vibrant rate, because the impact of an expanded network of sites selling your business can have big results. The trade-off of the small commission in return foaffr the extra traffic is easily visible ROI. Affiliate marketing is a great strategic marketing channel for increasing sales, finding new customers, developing brand awareness, pushing product innovations, and managing inventory.


At ConvertorDie, we treat your affiliates as your marketing partners. We review each publisher with a critical eye before adding them to your program. We conduct phone and email recruitment on your behalf and you will get monthly reports on recruitment. We follow the industry’s best practices to optimize your affiliate marketing program, including development of regular email newsletters and monthly calls to your top-performing affiliates, development of individualized promotions, and many other optimization techniques to maximize your sales from this channel.

Our Affiliate Marketing services include:

  • Recruitment of affiliates
  • Design and distribution of monthly HTML newsletters
  • Banner ad production
  • Monthly calls to top affiliates
  • Promotion development
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Monthly reporting
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